how your uniform can win you games

The difference to winning and losing often comes down to little more than a wisp. Water the grass a little less and the ball goes into Bill Buckner’s glove. A tenth of a second less time on the clock and Christian Laettner’s shot gets waved off. We’ve all seen field goal kicks hit the upright and go left or go right.

Small things make a difference. Have you considered the role your jerseys play?

There have been several studies conducted on the effect shirt color has on a team’s performance. In one study for the Erasmus University Rotterdam, a researcher concluded that when “teams change their base colors to red since it yields an advantage over other colored teams.”

It makes sense if you think about. Visibility is key to all team sports. You want your players to not only be differentiated from your opponent but also background noise. Uniforms that blend in or don’t stand out can be a real disadvantage.